Stimulus Check Update: When Will SS Beneficiaries Receive The Payment Worth $1,400

stimulus checks

Up till now, there have been three different stimulus check payments sent out to a large section of the American population since the pandemic began. This was a good move, considering the government had been providing financial aid due to rising job uncertainty and an increase in inflation, but the impact of the Omicron variant did lead to quite a few renewed calls for another stimulus payment.

However, while the possibility of another payment does seem pretty unlikely, most Social Security beneficiaries could definitely benefit from a surprise stimulus package. 

TSCL Could Be Receiving a Stimulus Check Worth $1,400

A drastic increase in positive COVID-19 test results amid the Omicron variant has definitely deemed it quite necessary for most of the state governments to prolong the measures. This has caused the US public to stand at the harbor of increasing economic problems- something that has resulted in stimulus check payments coming in post-haste for the elderly. 

Congress has already been lobbying pretty hard at the beginning of 2022 by the Senior Citizens League for another Social security stimulus check payment worth $1,400 for seniors. This has been prompted by the current notion of uncertainty in the United States following the increase in the COVID-19 infections since the new Omicron variant came to being.

As it stands, the COLA for 2022 has increased to its highest amount in almost four decades, which has pushed most of the seniors into a far higher tax bracket. Therefore, the stimulus payment is expected to help offset most of the additional costs. 

Now, while a fourth stimulus check seems to not be in the works at the federal legislature, one can’t deny that the TSCL would be receiving a payment quite similar to that.