Stimulus Check Update: States Issuing Money

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Several families throughout the country- usually of the low and medium-income range- are being offered a multitude of stimulus check payments. These would help them get a much-needed financial boost to contend with the economic ruin that has been brought upon by the pandemic, which is simply exacerbated by the government protocols attached to them.

The federal stimulus payments have already been sent out at many points during the crisis, and quite a few states have also decided to provide economic offerings which should definitely be a welcome relief to most families throughout the country.

Stimulus Check status – Stimulus checks full list

Although the deadline for the delivery of the stimulus check payments has been set for the 31st of December, quite a few states in the country have gone ahead and processed their payments where they are most needed. Also, every single month brings forth fresh updates- so it is quite plausible to check out the situation in a couple of states.

In the state of Alaska, several residents could see themselves qualifying for the additional money through the Federal-State Extended Benefits program, which would be bringing forth around 13 to 20 weeks of payments to the citizens. But you must also remember that this has been set aside for a very minute number of residents, and it also relies on how much money seems to be there at any given point in time. 

Currently, California is the only region that has decided to deliver its own stimulus check payments from the money that has been stored as a budget surplus. Citizens of the state who have an annual earning between $30,000 – $75,000 would be entitled to a sum of $500 or $600, as well as a sum of $500 which should be paid to households that have dependent children. 

In the state of Florida, quite a few administrators and teachers have already been allocated a stimulus check sum of $1,000- but things are still in motion as of now.