Stimulus Check 2022 Update- States To Receive The Payments

Stimulus Checks

It has been heavily documented that millions of American citizens benefitted heavily from the federal stimulus check payments.

Now, it is expected that many more would be benefitting from the payments that the state will be issuing. Interestingly, a lot of the stimulus payments will be issued in the form of a tax rebate, with other states also creating their own child tax credits. With the rise in inflation, most states are simply doing whatever they can to alleviate the financial burden that their residents currently face. So, here are some of the states that will be issuing a stimulus payment to their citizens. 

Stimulus Check Payments Issued Out By States

In the state of California, the residents could see around $1,050 as stimulus check payments from the budget surplus of the state. The amount that the individuals would be receiving would also depend on the income, with the limit set at $250,000 for single filers, and around $500,000 for joint filers. The residents in the state of Colorado will be receiving a sum of $750 if they file individually, or a sum of $1,050 if they end up filing jointly if they filed their tax return by the 30th of June, 2022. The residents of Delaware will be seeing a stimulus payment of $300 if they filed their state tax returns for 2020. 

In the state of Georgia, the residents will be seeing a stimulus check payment worth $250, $375, or $500 for filing single, jointly, or head of household respectively. The residents of Hawaii that have an annual earning of less than $100,000 will be issued a stimulus payment of $300. Those who have an annual earning of more than $100,000 will be issued a payment of $300. The residents of Idaho will then be checking out a payment of $75 per person and dependent, or 12% of their taxes- whichever comes out to be more.