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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Stimulus Check Sum Up: Tug-Of-War Between People & The Government For Added Funds

Stimulus Check announcements provided much-needed relief to the Americans. The government funding relieved people from the financial stranglehold to a large extent. However, there seems to be a noticeable difference between certain sections. While some families have managed to cope up, others’ conditions did not seem to improve. This has led to citizens getting vocal about another set of payments

Stimulus Check Records Uneven Graphs, Government In Doubt About More Funding

An uneven pattern was observed following the release of the checks. It was noticed that a significant amount of families have benefitted from the fundings. They are now slowly recovering financially and getting back to normal. Families seemed to add more money to their savings. 

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On the other hand, some families are still struggling. They have not been able to recover at all. Some families saw their financial worth hitting an all-time low. Households have claimed to be surviving acute food shortages. Other than the food, rent has also been an issue. Many Americans defaulted to pay their rent. To top it all, the moratorium period on rents will also expire soon. 

One big reason for this contrasting scenario has been the type of job. People able to work remotely continued to be paid. But the ones that require fieldwork had their payments cut off. Many of the states have also decided to stop the unemployment benefits worth $300. This will only add to the misery. 

A Stimulus Check for a fourth-round is thus being heavily petitioned. However, with steady rates of vaccination, a domestic end to the pandemic seems evident. Thus, the possibility of further money seems a little far-fetched right now. Citizens can however browse through the website to find out about more fundings.

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