Stimulus Check Update: Surprise Payment Of $285

stimulus check
stimulus check

According to major reports, around 500,000 residents in the state of Maine will be receiving a surprise stimulus check of $285 on the 15th of November.  The Tax Assessor for the state of Maine will be providing a sum of $285 to taxpayers with an annual income below $150,000 for couples, $112,000 for household heads, and $75,000 for individuals.

But there is a catch- one needs to have worked throughout the entirety of 2020 to get the payment. The state has been referring to these stimulus payments as hazard pay for those individuals who have worked throughout the pandemic. This is precisely why a budget of $149.8 million was set aside previously.

Stimulus Check Payment For Maine Residents

 If you have previously filed your taxes in the state of Maine last year and meet the requirements mentioned above, you should ideally be receiving a stimulus check payment of $285. The state has already started issuing 5,000 to 25,000 checks which would be delivered over the next six weeks. If you have claimed yourself as a dependent, you won’t be deemed eligible for the stimulus funds. 

The stimulus check funds will form part of the Disaster Relief Payment Program for Maine. Maine is currently one of the ten states in the country that have been bringing out additional stimulus payments. Maryland and California have also been issuing the payments, or have already issued the payments to taxpayers in the low- and middle-income strata.

Other states like Michigan and Florida have been offering hazard pay to teachers. Florida will also offer money to first responders through the initiative called ‘Florida Heroes’. 

If you are a resident of Maine and actually qualify for the stimulus check payment of $285, you need to make sure that the address that you have put on file with the Maine Revenue Services is absolutely correct.