Stimulus Check Round Three To Be Allocated On The 24th Of March, Says The IRS

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

There is an update for those who will be receiving the third round of the coronavirus stimulus check. The update is given by the IRS, the only agency that is responsible for the allocation of the checks. It is stated that the payments will be given out on the 24th of March that fall on Wednesday.

The precise amount of the payments to be received has not been talked about yet. The checks amounting to somewhere around 90 million USD were distributed last week. It was given out through the system of direct deposit. And the total number of stimulus checks given out to those who lacked banking information was 150,000.

Stimulus Check Of The American Rescue Plan

The department of treasury and the IRS gave a statement with regard to the payments to be made to the citizens. It was stated that they had formulated the plan of distributing around a hundred million checks in the initial 10 days of the distribution. This is for round three of the stimulus check. The total amount of the relief package is 1.9 trillion USD. It is termed the “American Rescue Plan.”

The third round of the relief package will be catering to those citizens of the United States of America who have faced losses owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The one that gave a great blow to the economy of the country.

There are some who have reported to the concerned departments the fact that they have yet to receive the stimulus checks. The amount that is to be received by them is 1,400 USD. The people also include those from the community of disability or social security.

The IRS gave a statement with regard to the issue. They claimed that they are “working directly” with the concerned departments in order to get the required information.