Demi Lovato’s “Dancing With The Devil” Is An Almost Unfiltered Documentary

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

The assistant of the pop-singer Demi Lovato gave a statement on the day the singer nearly died. It was stated that the assistant was full of fear when 911 had to be called. She also added the fact that she was told by a person to tell the dispatch to come to the house of the pop-star in a covert manner.

This was in order to prevent drawing the attention of the media. The assistant however did not reveal the identity of the person who gave her the advice. The dispatcher was horrified at the request of the assistant. The person refused to do so citing the fact that it was a medical emergency.

Demi Lovato’s Journey Post Overdose

The newly launched docuseries of Demi Lovato, Dancing With The Devil, is mainly about her quest for control. It was made available to the fans this Tuesday on the streaming channel, YouTube. The docuseries is directed by Michael D. Ratner.

The entire series looks very much unfiltered. The struggles that Demi Lovato went through are shown in a very realistic manner. It includes her battles with drug addiction, fame, and sexual trauma.

The narrative of the YouTube docuseries of Demi Lovato is no different than the common ones. It is about the life of a girl who is excessively talented and then she goes on to achieve fame at a very young age. Having done that, she falls victim to the loss of control over her own personal identity. This is what pushes her to darker things.

She gets involved with self-destructive things like drugs, eating disorders, and self-injury. She also falls victim to sexual abuse along the way. However, this docu-series is mainly about the personal journey of the pop-star.