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Stimulus Check Update: $1,000 Gratitude Payment And $2,000 Check Petition Inches Closer

There has been news circulating on social media which states that a fourth stimulus check would be coming out on the 30th of July. As has been stated previously, this is not true as most of the legislators have decided that, as of this moment, more stimulus is not really a priority due to signs of an economic rebound.

The percentage of jobless claims has periodically dropped down to its lowest level ever since the previous year. Nonetheless, there is still major public support for additional relief which has seen almost 2.6 million signatures. 

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The earlier stimulus check payments did help a lot of families pay for the expenses of their household and other myriad expenses that they had accrued throughout the pandemic. But a fourth stimulus payment hasn’t been included in the bipartisan infrastructure plan- or any of the other economic proposals of President Joe Biden.

As it stands, one form of extra cash that will be delivered to millions of families in the current year is the expanded child tax credit. Also, a check worth $1,000 would be sent to the educational staff in states like Florida and Georgia. 

What Will Happen With The Petition For $2,000 Stimulus Check Payments?

A petition on Change.org has already accrued over 2.6 million signatures which call on Congress to roll out yet another stimulus check which would be worth $2,000 for adults as well as $1,000 for children on a monthly basis. The petition has claimed that the recovery that legislators have been speaking about hasn’t yet reached a large section of the American population. Therefore, there is a need for more funding from the government just so people can stay abreast. 

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A recent study concluded that the first three stimulus checks did help reduce many issues like food insufficiency, financial instability, and the like. Till now, eligible adults have been receiving a max sum of $3,200 while children have received $2,500.

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