Stimulus Check Update: $487 Might Reach Citizens This Week

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Stimulus Check

The US federal government has not provided any update regarding the fourth stimulus check. The citizens are struggling to manage their financial crisis due to the pandemic and the high living costs during the inflation. This is why several states have decided to offer additional stimulus money to the residents. Minnesota is also one such state that will soon start sending stimulus checks worth $487 to frontline workers. 

Frontline Workers Receive A Stimulus Check 

The frontline workers of Minnesota who are considered to be eligible will soon receive relief payments of $487. These frontline workers have contributed significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Minnesota government has promised to send out their stimulus check from 5th October 2022. 

Minnesota government has earlier announced that their relief budget is going to be distributed among 667,000 frontline workers. On the other hand, almost 1,025,655 Minnesota residents are considered eligible for this stimulus ‘hero pay’. As a result, each worker will get $487 instead of $750 which was initially promised in April. 

Details Of Relief Payments 

The government spokesperson has shared that they received an overwhelming number of applications for relief payments. This shows that people are unable to cope with inflation and economic crisis. Hence, they have approved accepting more number of eligible applicants and distributing equal amounts of stimulus checks to them. 

This decision was made to help them buy basic needs like gas, food, and medication. These frontline workers were the pillars during the coronavirus and they put their lives at risk for the good of society. This relief payment is a way to express respect and gratitude for their brave service to the country and the state of Minnesota at a time when they are in dire need. This bonus payment will help them stay afloat during this tough time.