Kanye West Defends His White Lives Matter T-Shirt

kanye west
kanye west

After debuting his “White Lives Matter” clothing at his Yeezy design presentation in Paris on Monday, Kanye West has been defending it all week.

This past Wednesday, he shared a picture of a black sweater from his collection that said “WHITE LIVES MATTER” in white lettering across the back. The front of the sweatshirt has an image of Pope John Paul II.

Here’s my newest defense for making a shirt that reads “white lives matter”: “THEY DO,” he wrote as the post’s caption. The latest in Kim Kardashian’s response to Kanye West’s White Lives Matter t-shirt. According to reports, the creator of Skims was “not shocked” to learn that her ex-husband had worn a controversial t-shirt to Paris Fashion Week. However, she had mixed views about the people he was seen with while wearing the shirt.

Kanye West Is Under Fire Again 

A source close to the KKW Beauty creator shared with Hollywood Life how she reacted after seeing the photo. According to the insider, Kim was not shocked by Kanye’s choice to print it on his shirt and believes that he is, once again, attempting to garner attention.

“She is not adding fuel to the fire since she is aware of how much he enjoys stirring things up. That is right; she feels he is making a terrible decision and that the message is very upsetting to many people. In the year 2020, Kanye was a vocal advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. The families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor received $2 million from him, and he also participated in protest marches.

Kim was “utterly appalled,” the insider said, after seeing the pictures of Candace Owens and Kanye West wearing identical “White Lives Matter” shirts posing for a selfie and becoming popular on Instagram.