Meghan King Claims That Her Ex-Husband Did Not Invite Her Or His 7 Kids

Meghan King

When asked about her ex-husband Jim Edmonds’ recent marriage to Kortnie O’Connor, Meghan King has spoken out.

On the Tuesday edition of her show, Intimate Knowledge, King discussed her exes’ wedding, praising O’Connor’s “wonderful” outfit and expressing optimism that the newlyweds “will stay.”

It was on her birthday that King attended the “very modest” Italian wedding, and she thought it “strange how he had a nanny present and none of his 7 children.”

Meghan King Seemed Very Upset

“The former RHOC star exclaimed, “There were no children to nanny at the ceremony!” She went on to state that she and Edmonds’ three children, Hart, 4, Hayes, 4, and Aspen, 5, “were not even there, as far as I know.” No passports here, and he did not even ask me to acquire one for them.”

According to a representative for Edmonds, King’s statements amount to “continuous harassment” of her ex-husband and are “both shameful and sad at the same time.” The spokesperson claims, “Meghan continues to maintain herself in the public spotlight by denigrating Jim, and then complains to anybody who will listen that co-parenting is tough.” The key for Meghan is to acquire the support she needs to have a fulfilling existence.

Meghan King also recounted the circumstances behind the temporary restraining order she received against Edmonds in June and said that she and Edmonds no longer speak to one another.

She said, “I obey the rules so whatever, it does not make any difference to me,” while saying that “we ended up changing it into a consent order that has all of the same provisions as a restraining order but now it is reciprocal, so I have to follow it as well.”