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Stimulus Check Update: Looking For Another Payment?

Several states in the USA have been providing their citizens with special stimulus check bonuses- which have special circumstances attached. For example, the state of Colorado has been sending an additional sum of $375 to the citizens who have been on the receiving end of at least one unemployment payment last year.

Maryland, similarly, has also been passing out payments worth $500 or $300 for those residents who have already been a part of the Earned Income Tax Credit. 

States Will Take Over The Responsibility Of The Stimulus Check 

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It is pretty clear that the Federal government will not be sending out a country-wise stimulus check, despite pressure created from Democratic lawmakers as well as progressive activists. The current administration has been attempting to pass out two different bills for infrastructure at the same time.

One of the bills has been negotiated with the help of the moderate Republicans, while the GOP has been in opposition to the other. The Democrats in the Senate have been looking for major reconciliation- which is a procedural trick that would prevent this bill from getting filibustered. This would allow them to pass the bill to Congress under Kamala Harris’s vote. 

It can be ascertained that neither of the bills contains any provision for another stimulus check- which would have us believe that the matter is mostly dead in Washington. Also, it isn’t exactly clear if another stimulus payment is at all necessary. Businesses have been in operation, and the conditions that required a stimulus payment in the first place no longer apply. 

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Therefore, one can satisfactorily state that unless there is a major change brought out, the federal government would not be sending in another stimulus check. But, as stated above, the states have been playing their part by sending in cash from their own budget. 

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