Stimulus Check Update: Claim Your $500 Here!

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The new $500 stimulus check payments are part of the direct cash program for St. Louis, which will be sent to those who suffered hardships under the pandemic. The applications for such payments began last Saturday, that is the 18th of December, and in order to apply online, one can simply visit the website or in person.

Those who have been deemed eligible to apply to include those who have gone through reduced hours, suffered job loss, funeral expenses, as well as treatment costs. You also need to be a resident of St. Louis for close to a year and must have an annual earning which is 80% below the median income. 

St. Louis Stimulus Check Payment Has Strict Eligibility Criteria

In order to receive the stimulus check payment, you would also need to submit your identification, your proof of earnings, and a couple of bank documents which include a bank statement, lease agreements, tax return statements, and your auto registration. The city has predicted that close to 9,300 residents who lost their only source of income due to the pandemic would definitely qualify for the payments. 

Applicants who find themselves approved for the payments can do so through direct payments via cell phone or mail. Once the residents apply for their stimulus check payment, they will be receiving their status updates regularly. The program from St. Louis comes as nearly a dozen states and cities around the country have been sending their own payments out to help those in need. 

In the meantime, a spokesperson for the Comptroller of Maryland informed that around 7,811 of the sent stimulus check payments had been returned, as of the 30th of November.