Stimulus Check Update: Petition For $2000 Check

stimulus check
stimulus check

As has been covered by most media sites, a fourth stimulus check doesn’t seem to be high on the to-do list of President Joe Biden. This is quite a stark contrast with the three other stimulus payments which did help major families cover their expenses of the household while meeting other needs.

This doesn’t imply that further aid isn’t on the way- for it is- on the 15th of July around 36 million families will be receiving their first advance monthly payment which covers a voucher of $300 per kid. This is in accordance with the 2021 child tax credit- which should definitely bring in some financial relief. 

Several legislators have been rooting for more stimulus check money since the last four months. Yet, this seems to be for naught, as many in Washington believe that it is less of a priority due to signs of economic rebound post-lockdown. Nonetheless, citizens have been clamoring for more stimulus money.

With around 2.5 million signatures in place already, the major petition has stated that the true rate of unemployment can only be measured at over 20%  with many families facing large debts from the previous year. 

What About The Petition For The $2,000 Stimulus Check?

Recently, a petition has collected over a million signatures for another stimulus check which would be worth $2,000 for adults. This petition has noted that the recovery isn’t unilateral- several Americans haven’t yet reached that phase of recovery. This further points towards the need for multiple and immediate checks coupled with recurring payments which will allow families to stay abreast of disaster. 

A recent study concluded that the first three stimulus check payments did help reduce many hardships like financial instability as well as food insufficiency.