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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: Second Round Of GSS Sent

It has been recently reported that the state of California has sent its second round of stimulus check payments through. Over 600,000 citizens had previously received the first round of payments- therefore it remains to be seen how many receive this round. The payments have been sent out either through direct deposit or mail over two weeks, and the payments will continue until October.

Most Californians have already pushed in their tax returns which make them eligible candidates for this check. The main requirement for the check entails that American citizens must have filed their tax returns for the previous year by the 15th of October to be eligible for this cash. 

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Second Round of Stimulus Check Payments Issued By California

The second round of stimulus check payments from the Golden State would be aimed towards those who have an annual earning of around $75,000 or less. When the first round of stimulus payments was rolled out from the state, the annual threshold was set at $30,000. Several residents who were deemed eligible for the first round of payments have been deemed eligible for the second round too.

But, most Americans will not be able to claim this money if they were eligible for the first round but could claim no dependents on their tax return. 

The stimulus check payments have been made at the same time as Governor Newsom faces a recall election this month. Most political analysts are of the belief that the politician would experience a major bounce in the polls- courtesy of the state’s plan of pushing for another stimulus payment. 

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Interestingly, California is not the lone state sending out extra stimulus check payments to its citizens. Even the state of New York would be sending out payments worth $5000 to those artists, taxi-cab drivers, and the homeless, who have been hit the hardest due to this pandemic.

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