Stimulus Check Update: Americans Keen To Know Final Verdict On Fourth One

Stimulus Check Food and Farm Worker Relief Grant Program
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check claims have been repeatedly brought up in the past few days. The government earlier announced three sets of financial aids for the people. The payments seemed to benefit the mass largely. Millions of people heaved a sigh of relief. They concentrated more on productivity without worrying much financially. However, people feel these are not enough. Families with less income capacity are still struggling to find their feet. To benefit them, a further check is being claimed. 

Stimulus Check Petitions Signed, Biden Wants Congress To Have The Final Call

The government of Joe Biden has been repeatedly pressurized for an extra set of stimuli. A petition with 2.5million signatures in favor of the check has been presented. However, the president wants Congress to have the final say in the matter. He stated that he was open to all sorts of ideas. He would be glad to welcome ideas that would cater to the good of the people. Biden would not take charge regarding the decision-making. 

As far as Congress is concerned, it is not keen on further funding. Reports suggested no news of a possible Stimulus Check getting structured. There were occasional rumors recently. But they were dismissed as fake right away. The percentage of unemployed citizens has dropped drastically. This development hints at a possible flourishing economy. The politicians thus are keeping the funds off the table. 

The petition cannot be ignored, however. It has gathered some serious momentum. With over a 2.4million support, it is presenting a strong case. The petition is likely to become the most signed one once it reaches 3million signatures. The appeal calls for the payment of $2000 every month. They have supported their claim with reasons as well. The people stated that citizens are underpaid. Stimulus Check for the fourth time remains a hanging question. Only time will tell about its implementation.