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Stimulus Check Update: Who Will Receive The GSS?

Close to 900,000 stimulus check payments will be issued from the state of California to its residents between now and the New Year. The total worth of the checks would be close to $1,100. The second, expanded Golden State Stimulus II program did see close to nine million California residents turn eligible to receive major financial aid from the state itself.

The 10th of December saw the last round getting underway with major direct deposits, with the total value of the monetary payments coming to $575 million. The current batch has seen around 803,000 checks that have been issued to most eligible households- out of which 9,000 were direct deposits, and 794,000 were paper checks. 

The Golden State Stimulus Check: When Will it Arrive?

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The Golden State Stimulus check payments started in October, and will actually continue till the 11th of January, 2022. These stimulus payments have been issued on a fortnightly basis- for every two weeks- and when you receive the payment would depend strictly on your ZIP code. 

Most California residents who have been able to receive some form of financial aid as a part of the Golden State Stimulus check program have filed their tax return for 2020, and made less than $75,000 annually, with the stimulus payments having a worth of $600 and $1,100. 

The table below represents when the stimulus check payments will be going out for different ZIP codes.

  1. 045-220: Should have arrived already. 
  2. 221-375: Should have arrived already.
  3. 376-584: Should arrive by the 24th of December. 
  4. 585-719: Should arrive by the 7th of January.
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