Stimulus Check: Reasons Why We Need A Fourth Check

stimulus checks

Stimulus Check provided the Americans with a comfort zone. Government-aided funding has provided necessary benefits to the people of America. They have lessened the financial burden off the shoulders of the common mass.

The checks have provided much-needed stability to struggling families. In dire times, these checks have been the go-to resource for most Americans. This decision was welcomed broadly with open arms. Most Americans have utilized the checks to pay off their debts. Households took a great hit when the shutdown was imposed for the first time. 

However, after the third check was issued, the government did not announce any further checks. This was a big concern for all the people of America. They believed that the crisis was not yet over. As a result, more and more requests for further fundings increased. 

The federal government allotted three checks. The last check amounted to $1400. All these checks were of great help for the struggling households. Unfortunately, the government stopped the checks after the third round. This created a huge problem for the Americans. Citizens have been eagerly asking the government for more stimulus checks. Let us investigate the legitimacy of the claims. 

Stimulus Check Claims Mounting 

America has been hit hard by the pandemic. The result has been deadly. The citizens are facing a lot of adversities. One of the most significant issues has been unemployment. A large number of citizens lost their jobs during the shutdown. Most of the residents are yet to find a suitable job. This has resulted in acute financial stress for most households. 

Another scary scenario has been the ongoing spike in covid. The Delta strain is threatening to wreak havoc once again. All covid mandates have been asked to be followed once again. All these factors have led the citizens to root for the fourth stimulus check. It remains to be seen whether the government gives the nod to not.