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A New Stimulus Check Will Be Distributed To Residents Of Maine

The new stimulus check worth $850 will be given to the majority of the population of Maine, however, some will not qualify for this payment. The individuals who are a resident of Maine must file their tax return for the year 2021 by the deadline of 31st October. Individuals cannot claim this payment if they are dependent on another given in the tax return

Maine Stimulus Check Eligibility Has Three Essential Requirements

Moreover, for an individual, to be eligible for this check, the annual income must be less than $100,000. Similarly, the heads of families must have an annual income of less than $150,000 and joint filers must earn less than $200,000. This surprise stimulus check policy came because there was a surplus budget in the state of $1.2 billion. 

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The surplus in the budget is due to the fact that the income tax amount has been raised and there was a huge influx of pandemic-related funds. Janet Mills, the Governor of Maine along with other lawmakers decided to help the needy residents with the rising costs of necessary items like gas, oil, medicines, and other household stuff with this stimulus check. 

Some of the economists knew that the fund cannot support monthly payments, and hence opted for a one-time stimulus check. However, as per this measure of bi-partisan, families with two eligible individuals can get the stimulus checks twice. 

There have been other offers as well from the state government like the relief of property tax for old people, tenants, and homeowners with low income. Lastly, the Government of Maine will also provide $3 million for developing and improving the lobster business in Maine. 

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This stimulus Check will be sent out via direct deposit i.e. it will be mailed out. This will help the people to avoid any kind of errors or mistakes which can result in the delay of the payment.

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