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Stimulus Check Worth $1,500 For Arkansas Teachers To Reach Tomorrow

The federal government has stopped all stimulus checks for the citizens of the United States of America. For this reason, several US states have come forward to provide help to the residents in this difficult time of inflation. These state governments have been providing assistance to help people combat the financial crisis left behind by the pandemic. 

The district school of Arkansas named Fort Smith has given positive news to their teachers. All eligible teachers will be receiving a stimulus check worth $1,500 as a one-time payment. 

Christmas Stimulus Check In Arkansas 

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Arkansas District School, Fort Smith, made a big announcement on 9th May 2022 that they have approved stimulus payment as a bonus to their teachers. This bill was passed and is now time to deliver. The government has already sent out the relief money on Thursday so that the bonus money can reach eligible teachers before Christmas. 

This stimulus check was planned as relief assistance for the teachers that dedicated their time and effort during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, this stimulus check will act as financial help during this desperate time of inflation. 

Details On One-Time Relief Payment 

Arkansas had stated that this stimulus bonus is being funded from the central budget of Emergency Relief under the Secondary and Elementary Schools. It has been shared that only qualified staff members including teachers are considered eligible. Moreover, instructional specialists, adult education teachers, interventionists, and administrators are also going to get this bonus money. 

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It must also be noted that a few school staff like department directors as well as district-level administrators are not eligible for this one-time stimulus money given by Arkansas. Another good news is teachers are going to get a pay increase of 5.89% which is $3,471.81 for the next year.

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