Stimulus Check Worth $600 Sent Out As Christmas Bonus

Stimulus Checks

The central government of the United States of America is not going to give any further stimulus checks. On the other hand, US citizens have been desperate to get financial aid to cope with the inflation and economic crisis. As a result, several states have stepped up and decided to provide stimulus checks to their residents so they can purchase essential things like food, gas, and medicines. 

The Colorado city, of Denver, has recently given good news to its residents when they made the announcement of giving a Christmas bonus of a whopping $600. This stimulus check will be a one-time payment

Denver Residents To Get Christmas Stimulus Check 

The Denver city council approved this stimulus payment on Monday despite the fact that they have been facing a shortage of staffing. This new relief payment will be given to the employees and a huge fund of $6 million will be distributed. Although Denver has almost 11,000 employees, the council agreed to give this one-time relief money to 8,300 employees who are eligible. 

In addition, the Human Services Department along with the airport administration also announced they will be giving stimulus bonuses to over 5,700 employees across the city. This funding will be shelled out of the savings of Denver city. 

Christmas Cheer As Relief Payment 

Denver city bill stated that these bonuses are being delivered to express the city’s appreciation for the service and dedication of the employees. This is the ideal time to express gratitude because the city is facing staffing shortages that are affecting all the agencies and departments of the city. 

Stephanie Adams, Budget Director, shared that they are hoping this Christmas bonus will act as an encouragement for the employees and help them cope with the issues in the workforce. All checks are likely to be delivered by 30th December.