Update On The Stimulus Check: Taxpayers Have Until Six Days From Now To Claim Above $6,547

stimulus check

About the taxpayer’s deadline to request their 2019 stimulus checks, the IRS has issued another notice. Taxpayers who still owe the government money must apply in less than six days.

According to a press statement from IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel, “time is about to end for those who owed a rebate in 2019.” “The final opportunity for filers who did not submit a tax rebate for 2019 to receive their rebate before it expires on July 17.” The earned revenue tax credit, a stimulus check for workers with moderate and low incomes, may be available to some. Those that meet the requirements can earn up to $6,557.

Eligibility Criteria And More On The Stimulus Checks In Six Days

Individuals without children qualifying must earn below $15,580, and individuals with one child qualifying must earn below $41,084 to be eligible for the EITC. If those applying are married or submitting together with one kid, the amount is $46,884. On IRS’s website, you can find more restrictions and income thresholds.

If people don’t submit within 3 years, according to the IRS, the Treasury typically keeps their tax refunds. However, because of the epidemic, the filing deadline for the 2019 financial year was extended. According to a press release, “People have comparatively more time to file taxes and claim their rebates for the financial year 2019.” “Because of the pandemic emergency, the three-year scope for the unfiled returns of 2019 had been postponed to 17th July 2023.” Taxpayers can get an income transcript on the IRS website or ask their employer or bank for copies of the crucial 2019 documents of taxes they need for their submissions. The Get Transcript Online service allows the IRS to request an income transcript and free wages as well.

As per the IRS, above 100k people in California and Texas are anticipated to be eligible for stimulus checks, making them two of the states with the highest numbers.