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State Stimulus Checks Are Still Available

Twelve of the almost 20 states that approved Stimulus Checks in some capacity in 2022 are still awaiting their money. A check could be on the way if you reside in one of the following 12 states and have not yet received the money you are due.

Will Your State Send A Stimulus Check?

Additional payment details from various state governments are provided below.

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Certain direct transfers, nevertheless, will still be accepted till November 14. In October, the majority of qualified Californians got checks for $1,050 in Middle-Class Tax Refunds. Payments made using debit cards will be accepted until January 14, 2023.


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Colorado mailed genuine checks up to $750 or $1,500 for joint fillers to prevent fraud; the majority of them were received before September 30. However, up until January 31, 2023, payments would still be provided to those who requested a tax extension.


During a 30-day application process that concludes on November 30, qualified residents who have not yet received a Delaware Relief Rebate payment may apply for the $300 Stimulus Check. Eligible Hawaii Hawaiians will be reimbursed up to $300 on or before December 31 depending on when they submitted their taxes.


Idaho citizens who satisfy the conditions will get $300 payments ($600 for couples) for the rest of the year and into early 2023.


Two Stimulus Checks are offered by Illinois, one for $50 and the other for $300. After the initial checks were mailed out on September 12, the state declared that it “would take several months to be dispersed.”


Two individual Stimulus Checks totaling $125 and $200 have been approved by Indiana. Specific conditions must be met for each, and those that did so have already been compensated. But instead of getting a check for the $200 refund they were only qualified for, they would have to claim it as a tax credit when they filed their taxes the following year.

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