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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Stimulus Checks Bonus: The Year’s Tax Return Can Get You This One

It has been 3 months since the IRS has started sending out the third stimulus checks. The process is not complete yet, but the tax agency is already sending out extra money for some who have already received their checks. The IRS reported that over a million bonus checks have been sent out. This is thanks to the tax returns that got recently filed.

Another Batch Of Stimulus Checks And Plus-Ups

If you finally managed to turn in your tax filing for the year in recent times, then a new stimulus check might be coming your way. Just for the week, the IRS said that a further 2.3 million payments have been sent as direct packages.

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In the new batch, direct deposits and paper checks were to be officially paid on 9th June. The cause of this latest batch is the recently submitted tax returns for the recipients. The deadline day for filing the taxes was delayed to 17th May for this year.

Over 1.1 Mn of the new stimulus checks are being called the plus-up checks by the IRS. That is, a bonus check for individuals who have already received their third stimulus checks, but they did not get the complete $140.

If your payment was a shrunken one too, then it might have been calculated based on your tax return of 2019. Now that your 2020 one is with the IRS, and if you have earned less in 2020 than in 2019, then a plus-up check may be coming your way.

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At the same time, over 900,000 new stimulus checks are heading to citizens who never got their third stimulus checks. This is because the tax agency did not have the required information. But if you are one of them, and have let the IRS know your address with the recent year’s filing, then the money is on the way.

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