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Stimulus Checks Worth Nearly $3200 For Individuals With Dead Relatives

Eligible Americans received three government stimulus checks totaling $3,200: $1,200 in April 2020, $600 in December 2020 or January 2021, and $1,400 in March 2021. Not everyone attempted to obtain the funds to which they were entitled. Because the person who was entitled to the stimulus checks died, some of the checks were not collected.

Relatives can claim EIPs for deceased people.

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If a relative has died, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has published guidance on what to do with stimulus checks.

Stimulus Check Can Only Be Claimed Once

You are entitled to the money owed to you by a partner or family member even if they die. There are two things to keep in mind.

The first condition is that the individual was alive at the time the three stimulus payments were given and qualified for the US stimulus check. As a result, someone who died in 2020 would not be eligible for the stimulus payments in 2021.

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It is also worth noting that money owed to a deceased individual can only be claimed once. It is the responsibility of the next of kin to claim it. However, if one of their children has already filed for the money, the other kid will be unable to get the stimulus check.

The decedent’s spouse or descendant can claim the check on the decedent’s final tax return.

By claiming the Recovery Rebate Credit on their joint federal tax return, a partner can claim the coronavirus stimulus payment for the dead individual.

If you are filing for someone who passed away last year, the IRS recommends using the Recovery Rebate Credit Worksheet to see if they’re entitled to the stimulus money.

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