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Are Stimulus Checks Coming For Pennsylvanians? Everything We Know

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, has recently been pushing the General Assembly to pass a bill that might have secured $2000 for the Pennsylvanians. However, even after rooting so ferociously for the direct payments, the governors’ plans were being stalled as of now.

The Governor’s office had proposed $1.7 billion last February. Part of this proposal was to send our stimulus checks to the pockets of the Pennsylvanian families earning less than $80000. The Governor has shared how the money, almost $2 billion, is in the banks, and they have to use that money by 2024, or they have to send it back to the DC.

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Pennsylvania’s Surplus From the Budget Can Help The Residents With Stimulus Checks 

Even though there was such a great chance of helping the commoners, the Republicans opposed the decision very strongly. One of their spokespeople said that with more stimulus checks, we might be calling for more inflation. The Governor of the state, however, is also worried about it.

In fact, The Federal Government has already donated these payment checks three times, and now there are more than a dozen states who are already giving these payment checks to their state people.

The republican said that they should be spending the surplus budget strategically and should make smart investments to make Pennsylvania move forward. He says that we should ensure with the money that it will return the investment made by the taxpayers to the commonwealth.

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However, the Governor of the state, Mr. Wolf, has stuck with his opinion. In an interview, the Governor shared that the common man of the state should not struggle to pay for childcare, groceries, or gas. Thus, if they have the opportunity to help them with some cash injection, they should do so.

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