Stimulus Checks: The Latest Updates On The Fourth One

stimulus check
stimulus check

Millions of American citizens have been wondering for months whether they will receive any more stimulus checks by the end of the year. However, there has been no word of commitment on the matter from the White House, thus far.

The Information On Stimulus Checks Available So Far

Regardless of the White House’s non-clarification on the matter, some lawmakers have been pushing for more stimulus checks to be included in the upcoming stimulus bill. Previously in the month, Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary of the White House, said that President Biden was willing to listen to various ideas. As such, a further round of stimulus checks for Americans has not been thrown away so far.

So will the fourth stimulus check even happen? Unfortunately, chances are it will not happen as indicated by the latest reports. The United States is progressing well as it is recovering from the current pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

In May, officials from the White House said that Congress will determine whether there will be any further stimulus checks. In a May press briefing, Psaki received a question about whether any more stimulus checks will happen or even if monthly checks till the end of the pandemic is a possibility in any of the two new proposals from President Biden. She answered that they are waiting for proposals from Congress members. However, she added, that the checks come at a cost.

Nevertheless, over 2.4Mn people are fighting to receive more stimulus checks. They are doing so via a petition that asks for monthly checks worth $2000 for all American citizens. The petition on claims that unemployment and huge debts are still making people struggle in their daily lives. Stephanie Bonin, a resident of Colorado and an owner of a restaurant, started the petition.