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Stimulus Checks Keeps Giving Over The Months

It feels like the recurring stimulus checks that were demanded by the lawmakers as well as the people are not going to be delivered by the US Congress. However, this does not mean that the federal government is not facing any ongoing demands with regard to financial aid. The citizens of the United States of America are still demanding about 2000 USD be provided to them every month. The lawmakers belonging to the state of Washington are currently engaged in the meetings concerning the stimulus checks. 

Stimulus Checks And The Ongoing Demand

There is no provision that deals with the stimulus checks in the recent proposals put forth by Joe Biden, the President. The indication of an economic rebound, as well as the ongoing vaccination drive throughout the country, might be the reasons for its absence. However, they still have not reached a final conclusion on the said plan. But irrespective of everything, it cannot be said that there will be no stimulus checks at all. 

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The department of the IRS is busy sending different sets of money to different people under varied programs. Recently, they generated child tax credit stimulus checks for millions of households. Apart from that, they sent 1000 USD checks to the teaching staff of states as a “thank you” gesture. 

They include the teachers of Florida and Georgia. And the state of California will soon be distributing a new round of financial aid. According to, it has been stated that the state government will provide about 600 to 1,100 USD for its citizens who are eligible for the money. A fresh set of rules were introduced with regard to the child tax payments. It was stated that it was up to the parents to choose to receive a one-time payment of approximately 3,600 USD or monthly checks for one child.  

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