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Stimulus Checks Separately Provided To The Teachers

In the midst of the demand for a few more rounds of the stimulus check, some of the states in the country are already sending some bonus checks to some people. A total of three rounds of financial aid payments have been made to the citizens of the country until now, in order to provide economic support in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. And recently, some particular citizens received some extra payments provided by the government.

Stimulus Checks Of 1000 USD

The states providing the extra payments include Florida and a few others. And the ones who are receiving the extra stimulus check are the teaching staff of the state. Under the additional payments, they are receiving a total of 1000 USD. This gesture comes as a gratitude of the government towards the teaching staff for the services that were provided in the coronavirus pandemic

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Ron De Santis, the governor of the state of Florida had already made an announcement in the month of May this year, with regard to the stimulus check plan for the teachers. It was stated that the money would be provided to both the principals and teachers of various public schools of the country. The total number of people who were to receive the money was 175,000. The financial source of the relief was the emergency relief fund of secondary and elementary schools. This payment is also known as the “Thank You” payment.

Similarly, the lawmakers belonging to the state of Georgia varied out a similar plan. The teachers as well as the staff members of the state are all set to receive the 1000 USD stimulus checks. The overall amount of money that is to be distributed in Georgia is 230 million. There are some other districts as well that have lined up to provide some form of financial aid to the teachers. They include that Texas, Colorado, and Tennessee. However, this act has been criticized by some. According to their arguments, there were so many better ways to use the money. 

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