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Monday, October 18, 2021

Stimulus Checks: Another 2.2 Million Is On The Way

Stimulus Checks are being distributed for the aid of eligible Americans on a large scale federally according to the IRS. There has been an addition of a further 2.2 million in payments that have been issued very recently. A few among those payments are added with a “plus-up” feature for adjusting the money received by people. As in, a lesser amount of money received by people than their entitlement can be adjusted using this feature in the recent stimulus checks.

The latest batch of stimulus checks can be said to be a part of some efforts that come under the rescue plan for Americans and is done by the administration under President Biden. The plan aims at rolling out $1400 to every eligible child and adult. According to the IRS, it has so far delivered payments in excess of 171 million and amounting to more than a total of $400 billion. Even the last series of stimulus checks amounted to over $4 billion.

Stimulus Checks Meant To Make Some People Wait?

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Stimulus Checks of the latest installments were said to have started hitting the banks in March. However, a number of people were made to wait for months before their checks arrived. This was because of the prioritization made by the IRS to send checks only to people that had their 2019-20 tax returns filed already. This allowed the government agency to verify the eligibility of the citizens on the basis of their income and accordingly decide where the checks or the money should be deposited. 

Because of this procedure, individuals who are not needed to file their tax returns or people who claimed to have made certain adjustments to their payments were required to wait for the Internal Revenue Service to process their share of stimulus checks and help aid them.

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