Stimulus Checks Update: $2,000 Petition To End In January

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The new year might bring in happiness but not for some Americans. The new variant of the virus runs rampant and has led many businesses to be shut down. Desperate people are looking for financial assistance against inflation.  Fortunately, there are some proposals that petition for a fourth stimulus check.

 The $2,000 Stimulus Checks Online Petition

Stephanie Bonin started a petition online which addressed several issues like the difficulty in their livelihood. Bonin stated that several businesses would be shut down to halt the spread of the virus. The lack of revenue would affect people’s lifestyles along with expenses like rent, groceries, and bills. As the pandemic extended, Bonin emphasized that such issues would get worse.

A lot of Americans supported Bonin’s notion for these recurring stimulus payments. The online petition has reached 2,996,528 signatures out of its 3 million goal at the time of writing. 

Although the petition for the stimulus checks failed to reach its goal by the end of 2021, many supporters remain hopeful that it might finally be completed early this month considering the pace it has.

It is quite unfortunate for Americans but a fourth stimulus check is highly unlikely.

The first reason why the stimulus checks would not be sent is that Congress has not passed the Build Back Better (BBB) bill. It should have expanded Child Tax Credit, unemployment benefits and other similar financial aid programs. 

Senator Joe Manchin rejected the proposal when it was pushed forward by the White House. It should be noted that the bill has no chance of becoming law without Joe Manchin’s vote.

The second reason is the split of priorities for stimulus check payments. Instead of issuing a federal payment program, lawmakers might direct their budget to the student loan moratorium for eligible Americans.