Subway Finally Agreed To Recieve Bitcoin


Subway one of the largest food franchises in the world finally starts receiving bitcoin. It has billion dollar business worldwide, and they are trying out a lightning network layer-2. And through these bitcoin payments, they are getting massive success in Germany.

Subway’s Massive Success After Bitcoin Acceptance

Subway’s recent great income made a piece of groundbreaking news worldwide. They are using bitcoin again, but this time getting a faster result than usual using a free lightning network.

Three subways in Germany accept payment via bitcoins, one tweeted about getting a 50% off the bill when they paid by bitcoin. Subway first tried out bitcoin 13 years ago in Moscow, Russia. Berlin Subway franchise owner Daniel Hinze felt good about using bitcoin as a payment method. And wishing for the bitcoins to become money. And he feels great about the bitcoin money system.

Bitcoin is not much of a preferred payment method in the European country. To promote bitcoin use Daniel Hinze declared the payment methods by bitcoin will be benefitted with 10% off on footlongs, meatballs marinaras, and sucookies as well. Not only this they have declared a 50% off on all bitcoins payment, and they did receive a positive outcome. People who liked to pay by bitcoin were there more than usual.

After the positive outcome, Hinze made a partnership with a swiss bitcoin company Lipa, to make the payment methods more easygoing. Lipa’s primary target is to make payments easy with the lightning network just by scanning the QR code. Lipa’s owner feels bitcoin is currency, and his main target is to make it irresistible for people, mainly bitcoin users. Because of the lighting network, bitcoin payments are so faster than normal visa cards or MasterCard, and the credit goes to peer-to-peer network payments. Lightning Network makes the community weak to use it or be dependent on it. The subway franchise owner believes in bitcoin wholeheartedly.