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Surprise Stimulus Check: 3 Apps That Can Help You Save Now

The fourth round of stimulus checks is unlikely but a surprise stimulus check has been in demand for cash-strapped Americans.

Despite whether or not another stimulus check is in your future, there are other ways to save money and three apps can help you do it.

The Best Apps That Can Save Your Money And Stimulus Checks

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Forbes has mentioned the best apps for saving money, which are Qapital, Chime, and Digit.

Chime costs $1 every month and has 2 automatic savings programs called Round Up and Save When I Get Paid. The app helps most with investments, it even offers tips on how to start investing with just $100. Chime suggests signing up with a Robo-advisor with low or no minimum requirements, opening an IRA, and using investing apps like Acorns and Robinhood for the stimulus checks. It also allows its members to use direct deposit to automatically transfer up to 10% of all paychecks into their savings account directly.

Qapital costs $3 every month on the basic version and $6 for the complete thing. It allows users to reduce debt, stay in control of their finances, and save for the future. Qapital is basically a “mobile-first bank” that blends behavioral psychology with technology, allowing users to save and invest more with customizable triggers. Users can also sign up to get a Qapital Visa debit card and an FDIC-insured checking account. You can earn .1% interest while saving your stimulus check. Additionally, the card has no monthly or overdraft fees attached to it.

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Digit is the best app if you are looking to pay off your debts. The app costs $5 every month after the end of a 30-day trial. When it thinks you can afford it, the app moves money from your outside checking account to your Digit account.

These apps will help you keep your stimulus check amounts safe and invest in whatever is necessary.

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