Tarek El Moussa Says He Is In Awe Of His Wife Heather As He Sees Her Going Through Pregnancy

Tarek El Moussa

Heather Rae El Moussa is the subject of Tarek El Moussa’s admiration.

The former Flip or Flop contestant wrote a heartfelt ode to his lover on Monday and posted a photo of them smiling naturally for the camera on Instagram.

In his Instagram post, Tarek El Moussa said that bringing a wife every day from work is the best. He captioned the snap, saying he is in awe of how amazing Heather has been dealing with her pregnancy. He said that she is still going to work; she is still working out and is an amazing stepmom to his sons.

The amazing HGTV persona said that he has lately been getting a lot of questions about her wife’s pregnancy. He added that if anyone has any specific questions he hasn’t got in his DMs yet, they can let him know in the comment section, and Tarek will answer them.

Last week Heather was celebrating her birthday with a milestone of pregnancy. Here they saw the ultrasound pictures of the baby boy. They have shared these amazing pictures with their fans too.

Tarek El Moussa Is Impressed By How Her Wife Has Been Managing Her Pregnancy: 

In that post, Heather said that it was the first time since they had found the gender of the baby, and she wanted to share those with followers. She said she loves ultrasounds because one can see the baby’s heartbeat.

As a new mom-to-be, Heather said that these little things give her flutters and are also incredibly nerve-racking. She said that people should try to keep their babies healthy in and under any possible conditions. Along with anticipating the child’s birth, Tarek El Moussa is also the father of two other children, daughters Taylor Reese, 11, and Brayden James, 6, whom he shares with his ex-wife Christina Hall.