Tax Refund 2023: Track Your IRS Tax Refund

Tax Refund
Tax Refund

The IRS is processing Tax Refunds quicker this year, but individuals are receiving less money. Since the start of tax season on January 23, the IRS has handled 52 million tax forms and provided 42 million tax refunds, which is 10% more than this time last year.

The IRS’ Where is My Refund? page is the fastest way to track your tax refund, and it also tells you whether your claim was rejected due to inaccuracies. You will need a Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, your filing separately (single, married, or head of household), and your refund amount in full dollars to utilize the IRS’ tracker tools.

The Average Tax Refund Is $3000

Enter your personal information on the IRS website’s Get Refund Status page, then click Submit. If you are not directed to a page displaying your return status, you may well be prompted to validate your personal tax information and try again.

Before you begin tracking your online return, wait at least 24 hours, or up to 4 weeks if you mail your return. You can verify on your return after 24 hours if you e-filed unless you claimed the tax credit for earned income before mid-February. If you have not received the refund check after 21 days, the IRS suggests contacting them.

If you filed your taxes by mail, you will not be able to check your progress for four weeks, although you may have already gotten your refund by then. The IRS is predicting weeks, if not months, of delays for mailed-in taxes in 2023. If you sent in your returns and are awaiting a refund, the IRS advises you not to file again or call.