Tenoch Huerta Negating All The Allegations Made Against Him

tenoch huerta

The Wakanda Forever star has been labeled as a sexual predator by Maria Elena Rios.

Tenoch Huerta has denied all the allegations that were made against him. She has shared a bunch of tweets over the last few weeks. He responded to the allegations in his Instagram stories announcing them as untrue. He further mentioned she had made false accusations.

There was a time they dated. And everything that happened between them was consensual. However, after their separation, she started spreading false rumors about him. Which Huerta completely denied and is not true.

Tenoch Huerta Perhaps Trigger Past Traumas 

Maria Elena Rios dated Tenoch Huerta for a year. Huerta mentions the relationship was loving, warm, and mutually supported. Yet after their breakup, she started to spread rumors against him. According to her Spanish-written posts on Twitter, Tenoch Huerta has been sexually assaulted.

Maria Elena Rios first started this initiative in the friends’ group. It was started in front of a mutual friend group. According to Tenoch Huerta’s Instagram post, Elena started misinterpreting all the interactions that happened between them during the dating period.

Tenoch Huerta has retained a legal representative. He needs to protect his reputation from these false allegations. However, to date, these false accusations and alarming posts on Twitter have caused him great damage. If this continues to happen, he worries it might ruin his career.

Tenoch Huerta Perhaps Trigger Past Traumas of Maria Elena Rios. She survived an acid attack in 2019. Her ex-boyfriend, who is extremely engaged with the political parties in Mexico. A huge power play took place against her.

According to her, Huerta has emotionally abused her. Her main motive is to defame him in every way. In one of her tweets, she mentioned Tenoch is loved in the industry, which is causing her emotional distress.