Budding Romance Between Doja Cat And Who?

doja cat

The newfound love of pop star and rapper Doja Cat is Jeffrey J Cyrus. Their romance rumors sparked last year in November. Perhaps they have been dating since then. Again they were seen together in the Big Apple last month. 

They were seen near an Italian hotspot in the city. They were grabbing a bit at the Carbonne.

The paparazzi didn’t lose them for a minute, perhaps. 

They both were seen leaving the restaurant together. Previously the Grammy Awards winner has been linked to many Romantically. Although she never talked about them publicly. Last year she bashed Noah Schnapp publicly. He was not at fault. She was rather exposed by him, unintentionally.

Jeffrey J Cyrus Perhaps Cracked Something Hilarious To Impress Doja Cat

Doja Cat is a little high-maintenance woman. Therefore I need to make an extra effort to impress her. Jeffrey J Cyrus is a comedian, actor, and musician as well. They may have at least one thing in common.

Doja Cat used to date, French Montana. She was exposed while she was in a relationship with him.

Unintentionally stranger things cast Noah Schnapp exposed her chat with him. Doja Cat asked about Joseph Quinn after his mind-blowing performance in season 4 of stranger things. Eddie Munson stole Doja Cat’s attention.

She bullied Noah Schnapp publicly. She later received a lot of criticism for cheating on her boyfriend.

After a few months, they parted ways. 

She has kept her new beau hidden after all the critical comments and trolls. None of them have commented on their relationship.

Earlier this month, they were seen together in Mexico.

Doja Cat and Jeffrey J passionately kissed on a yacht in los cabos. The couple matched their bathing suit.