Terra Revival Plan Underway: Project Team Announces Three New Revisions

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Following the mayhem in the market that saw the maximum value of TerraUSD (UST) and LUNA being wiped out in days, the Terra community backing the project has come up with revival plans. The plans include three fresh revisions to its plan to revive the crypto.

Revival plans include an increase in genesis liquidity, the introduction of a fresh liquidity profile, plus a decrease in allocation towards post-attack holders of UST.

Terra shared its revival-cum-redistribution plans in a post. It revealed that they have put forward an amendment to Proposal 1623 that incorporated the feedback of the community since it was published a couple of days ago.

The announcement from Terra revealed that UST holders from the pre-attack period, LUNA holders belonging to the post-attack periods, and post-attack UST holders’ initial liquidity limits have been modified.

Terra revealed that the alteration will be in the range of 15-30% and may help in mitigating inflationary pressures in the future, and also increase the supply of the token at the launch.

The Collapse Of Terra Had Led To People Doubting The Future Of Stablecoins

Further, wallets holding below 10K LUNA will be afforded liquidity identical to the other groups. 70% of LUNA held will be assigned for 2 years, with it being fully vested for 6 months.

Terra has revealed that it is convinced that the new liquidity profile will guarantee those holders of small tokens will have identical initial liquidity.

Finally, the provision for UST holders posts the attacks has decreased from twenty to fifteen percent. Terra revealed that this allocation related to dpeg is on a level with the main allocation of the stakeholders of the pre-attack LUNA phase. This 5% will go to the communal pool.

There were reasons for the community to distrust the prospects of algorithmic stable coins following the collapse of UST. Analysts say that algorithmic stablecoins remain fragile and are dependent on multiple assumptions and norms that are uncertain and not assured to stay stable.