Sharon Osbourne Thanks Rapper Jamal Rajad For Saving Aimee

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Sharon Osbourne has lauded the effort of rapper Jamal Rajad to help Aimee, her daughter, make a timely exit from the Hollywood studio that caught fire. One person was killed in the accident.

Sharon Osbourne has thanked rapper Rajad for warning her daughter and others in the building on time even as a massive fire broke out in the Hollywood studio. Sharon thanked Rajad through a post originally posted by the rapper’s wife on Instagram.

Sharon Osbourne replied to a post by the rapper’s wife commenting that her husband’s act of alerting her daughter saved her from certain death. She added a big thank-you.

26-year-old producer Nathan Avery (Drift) was killed in the fire and two others present in the building were being treated for smoke exposure.

Rajad’s wife, Pretty Face Ray’Ray wrote that she advised Rajad to hold her so she could jump out of the 2nd floor, even as he was warning everyone to evacuate the building. She said that she was glad that Sharon Osbourne’s daughter did not have to leap from that height. She said that she was still in the building and trying to salvage recording equipment.

Ray’ray Reposted Sharon Osbourne’s Comments

After Sharon Osbourne replied to Ray’Ray’s post, the latter posted it and said her husband was a hero. In a separate post on Instagram, Rajad revealed that he could not save her cats. He said he tried but could not beat back the flames and smoke.

The 23-year-old Aimee is yet to comment on the incident. She was inside the studio, working with a producer, even as the fire started.

The former judge of X-Factor said that they were lucky to make it out unharmed. He said that he was heartbroken that the young producer lost his life in the fire and said that his prayers and thoughts were with the family. He said that what happened at the studio was horrific, and he hoped that there would be better regulations in the building.