The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing 2020
Affiliate Marketing 2020

Affiliate marketing has become a viral trend with most companies. The affiliate marketing industry has grown drastically, especially as people learn to work remotely and as freelancers. Affiliate marketing is a process whereby an affiliate earns a commission for promoting someone or a company’s products.

Most real money online casino players become affiliates of an online casino that they play at. You can typically become an affiliate for an online casino by signing up with their affiliate program. An affiliate selects a product they enjoy and then promotes it after actually experiencing what using the product is like.

The affiliate earns a commission for selling each product that customers buy through them. Sales are just simply tracked through affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for companies to increase their sales and generate more revenue. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it benefits both the company and the affiliate marketer.

How Affiliate Marketing Works 

Affiliate marketing works by spreading the word across many different social media platforms. Some affiliate marketers have websites where they can promote a company or individual’s product. Commonly, for this type of marketing to work, there should be three parties involved, namely:

  1. The Brand or Company

The brand or company is sometimes referred to as the merchant or the retailer. These range from entrepreneurs to much bigger global companies. They are the creators of the product to be promoted and sold.

  1. The Affiliate or the Advertiser

The affiliate is also known as the publisher or the Advertiser. They must promote the company’s product to the customers by using ads and affiliate links.

  1. The Customer

A customer or consumer is the one that buys the product or service from the seller or based on affiliate advertising.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

We’ll outline a few advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing below.


  • Sales revenue increases for the brand or company because a real person is trying out a company’s products. This route commonly avoids photoshopped ads and edited material. It’s a real person promoting a real product to real people. Therefore, customers tend to trust that review.
  • It’s cheaper for companies to use this as a form of advertising
  • As an affiliate, you also get to earn for all the referrals that come through you.


  • It could be hard to control the affiliate marketer and their performance.


Whether you’re interested in growing another company’s product or promoting your own company, affiliate marketing has become a tool that can help anyone.