The California Regulator DFPI Warned 17 Crypto Websites Suspecting Of Fraud


The final time the DFPI has been given out on a huge batch of scan in crypto alert last June when they said this about twenty-six dubious crypto platforms.

DFPI of California has laid off seventeen different warnings in the last two days against different crypto brokers and sites that suspects of being a fraud.

This list includes Trade 1960, Tahoe Digital Exchange, Tony Alin Trading Firm, TeleTrade Options, Yong Ying Global Investment Company, Unison FX, ZC Exchange,, and more.

Adding to that, there are some copycat sites that posed as two of the biggest names in the crypto market.

At the moment of wrting this article, CA regulator alert page posted seventeen warnings over 27th December and 28 saying that these firms are appearing to be engaged in a fraudulent against Californian consumers.

The CA DFPI Warned Regulators About Different Websites:

The DFPI seldom posts far too many notifications at once, indicating that the numbers of reports of cryptocurrency scams may have increased in the last months of the year. Occasionally, the DFPI will broadcast notices concerning company inspections or alerts about specific instances.

The CA regulator firm previously issued such a significant number of cryptocurrency scam alerts last June, whenever it raised the red flag over 26 suspect crypto sites.

The warnings were issued in response to general complaints about the dealers and websites; according to the DFPI, the complainants claimed to have lost anything from $2k to as high as $1.2 mn in some instances. However, the DFPI simply claims that all these sites would seem to be involved in fraud.

The majority of these alerts claim that pig-slaughtering frauds, in which a person or group creates a false online persona to forge ties or connections on social media, messaging services, or dating apps, are a common occurrence.