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Thursday, February 9, 2023

The California Stimulus Check Could Be Delayed

For residents of California, the state stimulus check might hit their banks a little later than expected. This is apparent from the pace at which the Tax Board of the state is releasing the payments.

On the 27th of last month, the Tax Board revealed that 60,000 of the stimulus checks under the Golden Gate scheme went directly into the account of beneficiaries. Depending on the financial institution, residents could expect their stimulus check soon, a spokesperson claimed.

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The California stimulus checks are going out in 2-week intervals directly into accounts and also as paper checks. The coming round of stimulus checks will reach 2M taxpayers by mid-September, according to statements released by the authorities.

But no exact date has been specified. Batch size might vary with each round of payments.

Approximately two-thirds of Californians will receive their checks. This number far exceeds the figures of 2.6M who will get their payments in the initial two weeks.

9 Million Qualify For Second Golden State Stimulus Check

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To date, the tax authorities have identified 9M returns that qualify for payment. But they revealed that more returns are expected that meet the criteria necessary for GSS II.

Most residents of California do not have to do more than file their returns for 2020. The returns are due on the 15th of next month.

Governor Newsom said that the GSS is for those hit the most by the economic downturn.  Determining the amount is a bit tricky. Those who are eligible for the first state stimulus check, and claimed relief for a dependent, will get $500. Those who are not eligible for the stimulus payment and also did not claim any dependents will get $600.

Those who failed to qualify for the first check and also claimed dependents will get $1,100.

Finally, those who are eligible for the first stimulus but did not seek credit for dependents will not be eligible for the 2nd stimulus check.

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