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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The CEO of FB Recently Sold 6,250 Shares of the Company’s Stock

The CEO of FB, Mark Zuckerberg has already sold close to 6,250 shares of the company’s stock in one of the transactions that took place on the 9th of December. The shares were sold out at a price average of $281.10, with the total expenditure amounting to $1,756,875. The sale has been mentioned in a document that lies with the SEC. 

The shares of FB did trade down by around $5.48 on Wednesday, where it hit $277.92. The moving average for the company over 50-day has been set at $277.57, while the moving average for the company over 200-day is $258.04. The fifty-two week high for the company is $304.67, whereas the fifty-two week low for the company is $137.10. The market cap of the company’s stock is $791.60 billion, with a beta of 1.26, and a PEG ratio of around 1.57.

The Quarterly Earnings of FB 

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The stocks of Facebook last updated their earnings results on the 29th of October. In that period, the stocks of FB reported an EPS of $2,71 for this quarter, which led them to top the consensus estimate of around $1.94. The net margin for the company is 32%, with a 23.27% return on its equity. The revenue of the firm was up by around 21.6% last year for the same quarter. On average, most analysts have forecasted that the company is definitely going to post an EPS of 9.47 for the current year. 

The stocks of Facebook have been quite the subject of a few research reports. KeyCorp has already raised the objective price on the shares of this company to $340, with a rating of ‘overweight’ in one of their research reports.

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