Stimulus Check 2: Will It Come With a $600 Addendum, or a $1200 Check?

Stimulus check
stimulus check

With every legislator working overtime to make sure that the stimulus check 2 turns into a tangible thing, the only question left is- will it be $600, or $1200? As there is a new plan being concocted in both houses, most of the lawmakers have been on either side of it. As the situation seems to be now, some of them are definitely backing a $600 one-time payment, rather than the sum of $1200 that was paid to Americans last spring. Interestingly, the new plan was actually forwarded by President Trump, which included a payment of $600 per individual- or $1200 to every couple. On the other hand, several other leaders like Sen. Bernie Sanders are tussling for the amount to be fixed at $1200. 

Stimulus Check 2 Seems to Bring About Major Tussles in the Senate

Recently, Sen. Sanders tweeted that with almost one out of every four workers being unemployed, Congress should definitely be providing direct payments to the workers. And the sum shouldn’t be less than $1200. This considerably newer push for one-time payments has been included in recent proposals- simply because the bipartisan plan of $908 billion didn’t have provisions for stimulus check 2. 

If stimulus checks are to be added to the bipartisan plan, the total money would definitely exceed the trillion-dollar mark. In fact, if the sum was $1200 then the total amount would be $300 billion. 

The proposal brought forth by the Trump administration would come at a price of $916 billion, but it would consist of a stimulus check 2 valued at $600. Also, it would be slashing the funding on unemployment from $180 to $40 billion. 

 Needless to say, both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have considered this proposal with the reduced stimulus check 2 to be entirely unacceptable.