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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Zacks Investment Research Has Upgraded the Stocks of ZBRA to ‘Buy’

The research analysts at Zacks Investment Research have upgraded the stocks of ZBRA from a ‘hold’ to a ‘buy’ in one of their research reports that were sent out on Wednesday. At this point, the target price set by the brokerage firm on the company is $419. The price objective set by Zacks Investment Research does indicate a potential increase of  11.06% from the previous close of the stock.

There have been quite a few research analysts that have been working on the stocks of the company. BidaskClub has already upgraded the shares of this company from a rating of ‘buy’ to a rating of ‘strong buy’. The UBS group, too, issued a rating of ‘buy’ for the company. Morgan Stanley, on the other hand, set a price target of $250 on the stocks of ZBRA, along with a rating of ‘equal weight’. 

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There have been four investment analysts that have given the stocks a rating of ‘hold’, while seven of them have given it a rating of ‘buy’. The consensus rating for the company is ‘Buy’, with a price target at an average of $301.

The Quarterly Earnings of ZBRA

The shares of this company did trade up by $1.42 on Wednesday, where it hit $377.26. The fifty days moving average for the stocks of ZBRA is $338.32, while the moving average for two hundred days is $285.03. The market cap for the company is $20.11 billion, with a PE ratio of 41.50, and a beta of 1.54. The quick ratio of the company is 0.42, while the debt-to-equity ratio is 0.55. 

The stocks of ZBRA previously brought out their quarterly earnings on the 8th of November. The company had been reporting an EPS of $3.27 previously, which beat out the consensus estimate of $2.81. The net margin of the company is 11.41%, while the return on equity is 34.83%. The revenue of the firm is $1.13 billion, which can be compared to the estimate of $1.07 billion.

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