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Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Masked Singer Season 5 Has A Fan Favorite On Twitter 

Season 5 of The Masked Singer has just started airing. However, there seems to already be a fan favorite. Season 4 had the Mushroom who was adorable and cute beyond belief. Aloe Blacc was revealed to have been under the costume at the end. The Racoon is fast turning out to be this season’s Mushroom.

The character’s black and white-colored fur paired with its big blue eyes have drawn a lot of adoration from the fans. To that effect, fans of the show have already put on their detective hats in the quest to find the person under that suit. The Masked Singer official Twitter teased further shots of the contestant sensing the anticipation.

Unmasking Racoon From The Masked Singer 

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The fan theories have only two major clues to work with. The character has the outfit of a sheriff. It is complete with a tan-colored vest over a classic red flannel shirt. Also, fist-pumps and muscle-flexing were Racoon’s choice of action to proclaim its entry into the contest. This is hardly enough to piece together who the personality can be. However, the fans’ desire to speculate is second to none.

Braid Paisley, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, and Lil Nas the R&B Singer tops the prediction choices for one Twitter user. The tweet replies with high anticipation and excitement as to who it really will be. Another Twitter user replied that the costume gave off the impression that the personality is a country singer. Perhaps the most interesting speculation about The Masked Singer so far has been Bruce Willis, the action star.

As far as what’s been shown, every guess is possible. As such, fans are waiting with bated breath to hear Racoon’s voice. Couple that with some clue packages, it will be exciting to see who gets pinpointed first. As it stands now, however, it is anybody’s guess.

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