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Third Stimulus Check For Senior Citizens: Takeaway For Older Adults, SSDI, SSI, And Retired People

It is only weeks before the first check is dispatched to the eligible population. And for those over 65, there are a few things they need to be familiar with about the requirements viz qualification, SSI, individual income, and other benefits.

There are also instructions to be followed/ steps to be taken if you have missed out wholly or partly from the previous two stimulus checks.

Third Stimulus Check To Benefit The Senior Citizen & Veterans

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The $1.9 Trillion coronavirus stimulus package is almost through both houses. All it needs is the Presidential signature for it to be converted into law and it should happen within this week. Finally, the latest stimulus check should be on its way soon and the vast majority of American citizens can expect to receive it by the end of this month. You would be eligible for the Third Stimulus Check if you happen to be 65 or above, retired, and receive benefits under Social Security. A veteran can also qualify.

How Much Can You Expect From The Third Stimulus Check?

The amount that you finally get will depend on the number of dependents that you have claimed. The timing of the Third Stimulus Check will also be a factor, especially if it arrives in the middle of the tax season. Another factor could be the package under which you finally receive your assistance.

Other Factory Affecting Third Stimulus Check

The time of the filing of your tax returns for this year will affect the outcome of your Third Stimulus Check. Other factors are gross adjusted income, benefits like Social Security and pension. Your stimulus check could be affected if any one lists you as a dependent adult in their tax returns. If you have lost out on your first and second payments partially or completely, you need to reclaim it under the Recovery Rebate Credit under your 20 returns. This is although you do not file them. Here is the latest update.

The Definition Of Older As Defined By The Internal Revenue Service

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You are eligible if you have crossed 65 by the end of 2019 and will be considered an older adult.

Third Stimulus Check
Third Stimulus Check

Checking For Your Eligibility For The Third Stimulus Check

The eligibility and the amount of the stimulus support for the previous two installments of the aid package will primarily check whether you happened to be a dependent at the time of your tax filings in 2019. The other important factor could be the AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) from the 2019 filings.

Receiving any pension or having any taxable investments will affect the Adjusted Gross Income, which in turn will receive the eligibility and the volume of the stimulus payment. The same holds for interests earned. Tax-exempt bonds do not come under this purview and are not included in the AGI. Thus such bonds would not affect your receiving the Third Stimulus Check. Rules have been changed slightly in the newest edition of the stimulus bill.

The Amount You Can Expect Under The Latest Third Stimulus Check

Several factors could affect the amount of your Third Stimulus Check. The proposal is for $1,400 to every dependent irrespective of age to come under the total paid to every household. So, if you maintain a dependent who is an adult, your Third Stimulus Check could increase next time around.

This move would benefit households with around 13.5 M adult dependents, reports the People’s Policy Project.

Families with different/ multiple immigration status or “mixed-status” nationality will benefit from the third stimulus. Such households were deprived in the first round.

The latest adaptation of the stimulus bill that was okayed last week at the Senate will make the check more targeted. Individual filers earning below  $75,000 are entitled to the Third Stimulus Check. But those earning above $80,000 have been barred from the third payment this year. But other households stand to benefit in the third round.

Rules For SSI And SSDI Recipients

People above 65 and beneficiaries of the Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income were entitled to the first two checks and are also eligible for the third stimulus check.

Calculating The Gross Income

The gross income, which is different from AGI, includes all gains reported on Schedule D or Form 8949. It also includes income from the sale of your main house and income from outside America.

The gross income includes the Social Security payback for married couples who have lived together sometime in 2019 but have chosen to file separately.

The sum of 50% of the Social Security remuneration and other gross takings and other exempted interest is above $25,000 if filing single, and above $32,000 if filing together.

In both cases, you can get clarity by checking out the directions given for Forms 1040 and Forms 1040-SR or Pub: 915 under Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits. You can figure out the part that is taxable in the Social Security settlement that is to be included in gross returns.

Rules Regarding Adult Dependents: What If Someone Has Claimed Me As One?

Some older folks may be listed as dependents by their children. For purposes of the third stimulus check, the primary tax filer will have to declare you as their dependent in 2019 on form 1040.

Age is not a factory for qualifying relatives. But they must meet the following four criteria.

1: They should not be a dependent qualifying child.

2: They are part of the family throughout the year or qualify because of close kinship.

3: their gross earning should be below $4,200

4:50% of the support should be from a family member.

Those above 16 and tax dependent of someone else did not qualify for the stimulus check in the previous two installments. But for the third check, dependents irrespective of age would add to the household total an amount reaching $1,400.

Do non-filers need to file this year for unclaimed stimulus payment during the last two installments?

Every individual would need to file the return if they intend to claim the stimulus amount they missed out on.

Those over 65 should file returns for these reasons:

1: A gross income with a gross income of $13,850 and above.

2: It is $20,000 for the household head.

3: For couples both over 65, $27,000 gross and $25,700 if only one of them is above.

4: Those married but filing separately.

5: Widow(er) who qualify and are aged 65 or above and earn gross income reaching $25,700.

Third Stimulus Check
Third Stimulus Check

Do Tax-paying Non-citizens Qualify For The Stimulus Check?

Non-American citizens did not qualify in the previous round. But for the third stimulus check, even resident aliens, including workers with H-2A and 1B visas and green card holders are eligible.

The current stimulus package has also considered people of mixed-status nationality.

Claiming The Initial Two Stimulus Payment

The obvious way to claim the missing payment is through the Recovery Rebate Credit, and that applies even to non-filers.

You need to check your status regarding the stimulus check. The best course would be to immediately register with the IRS and filing. This will facilitate a direct deposit into the account.

Steps For People Above 65 Who Have Not Received Stimulus Payment For Dependents

This can be done by claiming as a Recovery Rebate Credit on behalf of eligible dependents aged 16 or younger.

Senior Adults Who Are Eligible For The Preceding Stimulus Dependents

Railroad workers who have retired and recipients under the Social Security scheme beneficiaries weren’t obligated to file returns in 2018 & 19 and were supposed to receive payment automatically. The same goes for recipients of supplemental security earnings who had no dependent children.

People receiving pensions and other reimbursements from the Veteran Affairs Department fall in the same category. So do those people who avail of the Social Security Disability Insurance scheme. However senior citizens who were dependants on the 2019 tax returns were not eligible for the first two installments of the Third Stimulus Checks.

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