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TikTok ban may forbid US companies from running ads on app

TikTok is about to be banned in the US. If that happens it will be illegal for the American companies to run ads on the app. The Trump administration will target several aspects of the app’s operation including the collection of personal data of the users. The government might also forbid agreeing on the terms of use of TikTok for the users, as well as offering TikTok on app stores. A document stating the above was obtained by Reuters and a source with connections to the White House confirmed the reliability of the document. If TikTok is banned from the Apple store and Google Play Store, the app will not have a chance to grow and have more users. TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is based in Beijing and will have until September 15th to find what the administration calls “a very American company” to sell TikTok to. Otherwise, the app will be banned from the United States. Neither Google nor Apple has made any comments regarding the executive order that will ban TikTok. The app representatives said that they will refund for the advertisement campaigns that they will not be able to execute. Trump said he would prefer for an American company to buy the app in its entirety. The executive order regarding TikTok is based on the assumption that the Chinese government might force TikTok’s parent company to disclose valuable personal data of the users.

Advertisers may need new sources (how E-commerce and digital gaming is dominating world during the pandemic)

The importance of the digital economy is no longer debated, but how high its value can be, became even clearer during the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic that hit every industry and devastated some beyond repair, became a source of profit for tech firms. E-commerce boomed, digital gaming once again became even more popular than it was before. So did other online entertainment platforms. Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and other leading platforms saw an increase in the number of users. Just like Amazon and Netflix, other digital companies have seen massive growth. E-commerce and iGaming were the best digital business spaces during the pandemic. Along with e-commerce, iGaming platforms grew exponentially. The growth is real because the attention of sport and gaming lovers were attracted to news age iGaming providers. The change is visible because along with traditional gambling options gamers can play casino live online games with exclusive plots. During the pandemic, iGaming providers adapted many popular games, including the games based on the video game characters. The COVID-19 crisis showed the true value of digital industries. Just like iGaming, ecommerce has a massive growth and advertisers are now in need of new platforms for advertising. Tik Tok just opened the door to traditional and new age advertisers (e-commerce companies) and everything is going good for now. Tik Tok will give a good space for growth to the e-commerce space, while experts believe that iGaming will reach the true potential very soon. 

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Tik Tok ads is a new level of marketing – storytelling at its best

Social media platforms drastically changed the ways we communicate, shop, and get to know new products. Each platform has its unique design and the ads that the marketers place in the platforms should be modified according to the esthetics of the app or website of the platform. TikTok is no exception. The most popular ad form on TikTok is the so-called “In-Feed Ad” that mirrors Snapchat ads or Instagram and Facebook story ads. TikTok, similar to Instagram, has an individualized page that offers you the content according to what you usually look for. The app organically integrates the ads in those offers. The important thing is to get to know the style of TikTok and make a modified version of the ad, instead of using the same ad for all the different platforms.

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