More Listings Attributed to the Growing Popularity of Google My Business

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The listings of Google My Business have received new updates that would now highlight the many safety and health measures that they have undertaken to protect their consumers. And this can actually be a masterstroke. For, if the consumer is aware of the steps that you are taking to ensure their welfare, they are more likely to choose your business over any other business. 

A Google My Business profile usually contains attributes that are specifically designed to capture the attention of the searcher displaying necessary service offerings. Through these attributes, a searcher can very well take much more informed decisions- where and when to visit. 

The attributes of health and safety that can be added on the Google My Business listings are-

1. Appointment required

2. Staff Put On Masks

3. Mask Required

4. Temperature Check Important

5. Staff Receive Temperature Checks

Several reports have claimed that these attributes are already cropping up on the mobile and desktop app for Google My Business. Needless to say, Google has upgraded its attributes for different sites as a result of this pandemic. And the health and safety attribute is one of the many reasons why Google My Business is receiving so much mileage through online circles. 

Although the effort has been quite slow in the last few months, they have at least managed to get the ball rolling- which is better than nothing. But in the event that you have missed out on the newer attributes for Google My Business, here they are-

Pandemic-related Google My Business Attributes

Local Restaurant Attributes-

Google has been adding several new attributes to their Google My Business as a response to the pandemic. 

1. Curb-side pickup.

2. Dine-in

3. No-contact delivery

These attributes were brought out when businesses slowly started opening up after the lockdown. And these attributes are actually pretty helpful, considering they make it obvious which are the restaurants that will be open for business. 

Online Services Attributes-

Online services received their Google My Business attributes back in June. 

1. Online Appointment

2. Online Care

3. Online Estimates

4. Online Classes

Online services have been on the rise ever since the pandemic hit, and it goes without saying that their importance hasn’t gone down even a bit. 

Google My Business might slowly start adding in more updates and attributes, since winter is coming. As most restaurants would be closing down their outside locations, they would have to implement limits on how many patrons would be allowed inside the establishment. 

How to Add Attributes to Your Google My Business Listing?

The process is extremely simple. 

1. Sign in to your Google My Business account. 

2. Check out the location that you are willing to manage.

3. Click ‘Info’ from the menu.

4. After selecting ‘Add Attributes’, select ‘Edit’. 

5. After you are done, press ‘Apply’.

Google My Business will definitely be bringing out several important attributes that would be interesting due to the current scenario.