Top 12 Tips On How To Use Pinterest For Business In 2020

Pinterest for business

You may be more acquainted with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on as a marketer, but the truth is you should be focusing a little more on Pinterest. This top social bookmarking platform has proven to be extremely beneficial for marketers across the world, especially the US, according to traffic studies of Pinterest. In this article, we’ll list out 12 amazing tips for you to use Pinterest for business effectively. Let’s get going.

Why Choose Pinterest For Business Marketing?

So, how does Pinterest work for business? Did you know that Pinterest can drive to your website thousands of pageviews or free organic traffic? If you didn’t, now is the time to unfold the true potential of Pinterest. According to survey reports, the Google Analytics of many websites show that Pinterest is their main traffic source. It’s believed to work like magic across various niches and verticals of online business marketing.

This simple photo-sharing social platform has reached heights and in 2020, you have the opportunity to reap the best of Pinterest. If you’re looking for a new logo design or researching your next vacation destination, Pinterest is the established go-to source for reliable and attractive data for active audiences as well as marketers.

The best advantage of Pinterest marketing is that it’s low-commitment. You don’t need to dedicate considerable efforts to use Pinterest for business. As Ben Silbermann, co-founder of Pinterest says, this platform is “self-serving”.

Achieve Business Goals And Aims On Pinterest

The most important thing to remember before you jump into Pinterest Marketing is to know what you want from Pinterest. Jot down the 3 important goals that you wish to achieve for every brand you own using Pinterest. Also know how you think Pinterest will help your business.

It’s important because this platform impacts what people buy these days. A 2018 study conducted with over 4000 weekly pinners to understand their shopping habits, show two crucial results:

·      90% of the weekly pinners use Pinterest for making purchase decisions.

·      9% of the weekly pinners use this app to find out more about their purchase choice or to explore their options.

Moreover, Pinterest in 2020 drives about 33% more referral traffic to online shopping platforms than Facebook. So, if you’re here to grow, make sure to include Pinterest marketing in your already existing marketing strategy.

Here are the top three goals for Pinterest marketers.

Build Your Brand Equity

The beginning of any successful brand is to create a trust on that brand in the minds of customers. This is where Pinterest can help you a lot. If you’re someone who’s started their business recently, you can use Pinterest to build your brand equity. Old and existing websites already have a level of brand equity but with Pinterest, you can up your brand image smoothly and effectively.

If other marketing strategies have not proven to be effective to take you out from the crowd, using Pinterest for business can help you. According to survey reports, over 77% of Pinterest users have discovered new brands or products on this site.

Another survey conducted by Pinterest was to compare Pinners who came across promoted pins and Pinners who didn’t. Audiences who noticed the promoted pins showed 40% more awareness regarding new products and a 50% more purchase intent.

So, be sure not to compromise on Pinterest content and put up something that’s going to stay on your potential customers’ minds for a long time.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Do you need more site traffic? Pinterest is the place to go. Online brands using this social site are proven to generate more brand awareness among potential customers or audiences using Pinterest. Since Pinterest has become the new trusted platform for people to go to before they make purchases, it is a hub of traffic. So, you can leverage Pinterest traffic for your business.

This social site is the best place to get traffic from after Google. But as much effective as Google is, it’s surely a tough nut to crack. You’ll not get a ton of organic traffic from Google in the first year or even two of building your website. You’ll require a lot of time and effort in building backlinks. But if you use Pinterest for business, you can start getting a decent amount of traffic right from the beginning.  

To set some examples:

·      Anna Runyan used Pinterest to boost her page views from 100,000 to 500,000 per month.

·      Other brands like 57st. design show that 50% – 60% traffic on their websites come from Pinterest.

·      In the span of two months, Side Hustle Nation grew page visits from 479 to 11,733.

pinterest for business
Top 12 Tips On How To Use Pinterest For Business In 2020 13

Note that Pinterest has recently redesigned their feed for increased referral traffic.

pinterest marketing

Boost Sales And Increase New Customers

Afterall, the end product of marketing is the dearest to marketers: customers and sales. Pinterest has largely helped in expanding clientele and boosting sales. It provides every opportunity for e-commerce brands to increase their Return On Investment (ROI). The site has also hired Jeremy King, former CTO of Walmart, so it won’t be a surprise if we see some rapid e-commerce improvements in Pinterest.

If you’ve decided on what you want to achieve through Pinterest marketing, let’s dig into some amazing tips on how to use Pinterest for business.

12 Amazing Strategies To Use Pinterest For Business

There are over 175 billion pins on Pinterest. So, how do you make your pin stand out amongst that crowd? Here’s how.

1.Install The Pinterest Save Button On Your Website

Make your website more connected with Pinterest. Install the Pinterest Save button on your site. This will allow customers to pin content in Pinterest directly from your website. If more and more customers use this button, they’re basically doing the work for you. They’re adding your content on Pinterest themselves. If you add this feature to your website, you’ll notice how your content is being sifted and placed on Pinterest for better visibility.

2.Apply For Rich Pins

how to use pinterest for business

Do you want to increase audience actions on your website using Pinterest? This Pinterest for business tip is to do exactly that. If you want to provide actionable data for your visitors, use rich pins. Rich pins are majorly of 4 types, namely: recipe, app, article and product. If these match your niche, use these pins regularly to boost your traffic and engagement rate. Customers are more likely to take action if you use rich pins on Pinterest.

3.Install The Pinterest Tag On Your Website

If you want to set Pinterest ads, you can consider installing Pinterest Tag. Over the last few years, Pinterest has been making improvements in the advertising section to promote it as a reliable ad platform. Recently, Pinterest launched an ad optimization option that can track brand visitors after they’ve seen the ads on Pinterest. Marketers have reported that they notice about 409% higher traffic and increase in customer leads after trying out Pinterest ads.

4.Get Product Pins

pinterest for business

This Pinterest feature allows Pinners to have a link which they can use to purchase their viewed product. Make sure to install Product Pins on your website because after all you would want to link your e-commerce to your Pinterest business account as much as possible.

5.Upload Your Product Catalog

Pinterest allows brand owners the advantage to upload their complete catalog to Pinterest. This effectively turns all your pins to this platform into Product Pins through which your audience can glance through everything your brand has to offer.

If you go for Pinterest ads, these Product Pins can draw out automated ‘Shop the Look’ Pins assorting items from your brand itself which is excellent for your brand awareness.

6.Nail Your Images

Pinterest is a place where you can add your brand’s custom and unique photographs. So, be sure to make a lasting impression on your audience with your images. Below are a few tips you can follow to make your images stand out on Pinterest.

·      Make your design mobile Friendly.

pinterest for business

·      Incorporate your brand logo and product into your pinned image naturally.


·      Use more lifestyle shots and images to give your customer the feel of your brand niche. Add text overlays to make them more enticing to customers.


7.Keep Your Product Descriptions Simple

If you’re engaged with SEO, you must be aware of this part of the game. It’s tricky yet the most important catch in the game. So, we’ve listed a few tips for you to follow to use Pinterest for business more effectively.

·      Product descriptions should be between 200-500 characters. Try not to exceed.

pinterest marketing

·      Be sure to include a price along with your description.

pinterest for business

·      Never forget to include your brand name alongside your product description.

·      Use hashtags effectively. For this, keep a track of trends and post accordingly. Try to include hashtags for all your Pins. Be specific with your hashtags. Irrelevant ones can do more harm than good.


·      You can also tag others in your product descriptions to increase reach.

8.Optimize Your Boards

pinterest for business

You can also optimize your Pinterest boards using top keywords in your titles, board descriptions and so on. You can also set a cover photo for your Pinterest board to make it more attractive for customers.

9.Active Engagement Is A Must

Pinterest marketing requires constant active engagement with your customers. We cannot emphasize this point enough. Pinterest ads survive on active partnerships. Get creative, there are many ways you can engage with your followers. 

Create A Group Board

This Pinterest feature is fairly new, but there’s no denying that it is a super-effective way to interact with your followers. You can even add collaborators to this group board. 

Be Active And Leave A Comment

You don’t have to go out of your way to spam boards. However, if you find some truly interesting pins, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. 

Follow Inspiring People

Following people who have similar interests as you keep you updated on the trends. And, this is one of the most crucial Pinterest for business tips. 

Partner Up With An Influencer

There are several tips for using Pinterest for business. Influencer marketing stands among the top tips. 

10.Promoted Pins? Invest In Them


Promoted pins appear on the category feed, home feed. And other search results that are relevant to those promoted pins. 

Typically, a promoted pin will earn double the cost of the ad. If you are not sure about it, you can simply dip your toes in this by investing a small sum in promoted pins. 

11.Pin As Often As You Can

This is one excellent tip when you deal with Pinterest for business. Do you think that posing a pin twice a day is sufficient? Well, you sound like a newbie. We suggest that you increase your posting as often as possible. It helps you remain active and engage with your followers. 

It can get overwhelming to remain active all the time since you need to ensure that your pins are attractive to your followers as well. If that is the case, you can use software like Tailwind. 

12.Increase Your Number Of Repins

Pinterest for business demands that you drive traffic to your brand. However, you must remember that engaging with your community will keep you relevant and give you the legitimacy you need for your brand to succeed. Repinning is an excellent Pinterest marketing technique. 

Moreover, people whose posts you have repinned will often extend the favor and pin your content. And since Pinterest takes into account the number of repins to determine your relevance, repinning as often as you can is a great idea. 

Final Words

Pinterest has always been at the edge of digital marketing. However, with the rise of Pinterest ads and Pinterest business accounts, it’s only natural that Pinterest marketing is gaining more and more popularity.

Pinterest for business has a long way to go as it has transformed into more than just a social networking platform. It is now a place where users look for services and products. 

How does Pinterest work for business marketing campaigns? We would say it has great potential. Use these tips smartly, and you will ace Pinterest for business in no time!